The Inner Physician Meditation and Yoga Center came together as a result of a dream. This dream was no coincidence , after all is there such a thing in this universe as a coincidence.?  Well we believe all things happen for reason. When you begin to work on raising your level of consciousness and opening your mind its amazing how many coincidences start occurring in your life.

Our aim was to develop our meditation classes around how to get into an alternative state of mind using the most effective and up to date methods of meditation to achieve the fastest results and measurable results. It was also our intention to provide a memorable experience for our students. From the time you arrive at our studio till the time you leave YOU are the most important person.

Our Yoga classes are Hatha based and we provide a superb clean studio that can accommodate 12 students per class. Charmaine is our Yoga Teacher and will guide you through your class with care and compassion.

Dr Antony Hofer is our Meditation teacher and is experienced in the methods of Heart Brain Coherence and Quantum Physics to assist you in your healing journey. Come and join us and experience our classes first hand.

Please visit us on our Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcaRFlpk4ZoiZAl4QEmDHng/ where you can get access to some of our new classes and courses .